Electric Car Chargers Installation in Chicago, IL

Electric vehicles have become more and more common across the country owing to their environmental edges, fuel economy, and more. however, the prevalence of charging stations isn’t nonetheless wherever it must be. that’s why it’s important to possess a residential EV charging station if you drive an electric car. Kapital electrical, Inc. provides and installs home EV charging stations for customers in Chicago, IL, and also the surrounding area. we’ve been a leader in energy solutions throughout Chicagoland for quite a decade, and EV charging stations are among our specialties. Our specialists will assist you to choose an option that matches your desires and budget, and that we may also install it for you quickly and with efficiency. call US today to get started.


Before buying a residential eV charging station for your home, it’s necessary to understand the various varieties on the market and the way they differ. Our team will be happy to provide all the small print you may need to decide throughout a consultation. the types of electric car charger stations we provide our customers in Chicago, IL is:

Level 1 Charging – Otherwise known as overnight charging, level one charging uses a customary 120-volt outlet. This vogue is that the least expensive and best to put in. it’s best for lightweight vehicle use as a result of some electrical cars could need up to twenty hours on A level one charger to charge their batteries fully.

Level 2 Charging – Level 2 chargers are costlier than the level one variety, however, they will prevent extensive time. they will charge most electric vehicles in barely 3 hours. However, they need an experienced, licensed trained worker for installation, therefore get help from Kapital electrical, Inc.

Level 3 Charging – This final possibility is additionally referred to as DC quick charging. A level 3 charger will charge your electric vehicle in as very little as a unit of time. Level three chargers area unit most typically found in industrial or industrial settings rather than homes.

Why Choose CPAEI for Electric Car Chargers Installation?

The flexibility and convenience of at-home EV charging could be a luxury each electric car owner ought to fancy. CPAEI makes it attainable for customers in Chicago, IL, and also the surrounding area. we work with makers as well as AeroVironment, Bosch, Charge purpose, Clipper Creek, EverCharge, GE, Juice Box, Leviton, Schneider, Siemens, and Tesla. Contact us today for a free estimate.